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Why Install Artificial Grass in School Playgrounds

August 22, 2017
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It’s not easy to find the right surface for a school playground. Children playing on hard surfaces are more prone to getting hurt while playing. Traditional choices such as natural lawns or safety mats have some benefits and a lot of major drawbacks as well. However, if you choose artificial turf for a playground it could make sure that there is amazing flooring for the kids to play on. There are many advantages to using artificial turf for school playgrounds which is why many schools already choose it. Below are some of the top reasons for choosing artificial grass for a playground:

Artificial Grass Provides A Softer Landing

The main concern for most schools who are trying to choose a playground service is the safety of the kids who use it. You will definitely want to create a completely safe surface where they can play for hours without risks of skinned elbows, sore knees or even worse, playground injuries. Artificial turf is excellent at providing a softer and safer landing. No matter how much rough and tumble the kids enjoy there, the soft artificial turf playground will stay safe.

Less Chance of Getting Muddy on Artificial Turf Playground

This is one of the big issues with many types of floors, as heavy rain can fast turn these surfaces into a muddy mess. No parent would like to see their kids return home caked in mud. These puddles of mud can cause a safety hazard, due to the risk of slipping. Also, if a child who has been walking in mud then climbs onto play equipment, they face a greater risk of falling. On the other hand, artificial turf surface can drainage water well and this can help the kids to stay cleaner at all times. They can even head out to play right after a heavy rainstorm without any problems, as the water will drain away quickly!

No More Grass Stains

Playing on natural lawn has another side effect that parents do not want to see. This is the fact that the children can end up going home covered in nasty grass stains. These are difficult to remove from clothes and can mean that a fun day ends in complaining parents and upset kids. However, by using artificial turf in a kindergarten playground you can avoid this problem quite easily. No matter how much the kids play and fall to the ground, they won’t go home later with terrible grass stains that ruin their clothes.

Play for Longer

No matter what the weather is, they can carry on playing on artificial grass playground as long as they like without any worries. Other types of surface can get into bad shape very quickly, meaning that some maintenance is needed before the playground can be used safely again. On the other hand, artificial turf is excellent for long days of playing endlessly.

Proven Durable Surface

The benefit of artificial turf is that it is extremely durable. The kids can play here for hour after hour and day after day without causing any damage to it. Even after a long day of being used by many different children, the surface will still look at good as new. This means that once it is fitted you can look forward to seeing it provide a great play environment for many years to come.

Low Maintenance

Artificial grass last longer and need less maintenance, considering this in, it works out as great value for money in the long run to use this flooring. This smart choice makes it even easier to find good quality artificial grass that is perfect for any playground.

No Toxic Chemicals

Most schools and playgrounds must be shut down when toxic chemicals and fertilisers are applied to grass areas to control weeds and insects, as they can be harmful to humans. Of course, with artificial grass this will no longer be an issue, as it doesn’t require any form of fertilisers, weedkillers or pesticides, creating a much safer environment for children to learn and play in. There has been controversy regarding artificial grass in recent years, but several studies have now shown these concerns to be false.

Avoid Allergic Conditions

Grass is the biggest culprit here and some parents have to keep their kids away from playgrounds with natural lawn in them. Having an allergy is a common problem in many small kids. That can further be aggravated if they are playing around in a grass area. Having an artificial turf would reduce the chance of pollen being released in the air and causing allergies. Thankfully, you can choose artificial turf that keeps the kids safe from allergic reactions. This will allow every kid who wants to play there to do so without causing their parents any worries.

In Conclusion

It’s little surprise that many schools and playgrounds are turning to artificial grass when it offers such a large number of benefits over real grass. Whether it be a small play area, large playing field or a football pitch, artificial grass is a great solution for schools, playgroups, local authorities and universities alike. The heavy use that these types of areas receive makes them perfect candidates for artificial grass. Lawn Pros provides a low maintenance playground artificial grass solution which looks good all year round and will save your school time and money. Make a saving on the school budget by freeing up your caretaker’s time to concentrate on other essential maintenance and housekeeping around the school.